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seats and steering wheel



Just wondered if anyone had replaced seats and steering wheels in the their
Cruisers. I'm looking to replace the front seats, possibly both or just the
drivers - not looking for hip-hugging rallye seats as they make getting and out
too mjuch of a pain, but something with plenty of adjustments and a little more
long-distance comfort than the standrard fare.
Also looking at alternative steering wheel - as the power assist is japanese
light, even with biggish tyres on, it could be slightly smaller diameter than
the standard and no airbags to worry about.
Just wondered what others had done... if anything.
Re > Seats
Looked at getting the seats done early days as I wasn't that impressed
with the LC seats in comparison to the previous vehicle I had - Isuzu
I've moulded into them now but may have to change them if I manage to
get a 5 point seat belt harness.
I am too considering replacement front seats to reduce weight. The OEM
seats are still good enough and very comfortable (I've modified the
foam inserts). I think there are a few models of clubman type seats
that are easy to get in and out, but I don't suppose these seats are
adjustable other than by sliding back and front.
Any recommendations?
Roman (London, UK)
'92 HDJ80 (auto)
On 10/2/07, [Email address removed] <[Email address removed]> wrote:
Quoting Roman <[Email address removed]>:
I haven't found anything yet other than unsuitable Recaro seats etc, but not for
me. I'l keep you posted if I come up with anything. I've got good seat covers
and as I'm tall, moved the rails back a bit but would like something a little
more supportive.
HDJ81 '93 auto
Thanks Tomaz.
Nice seats. Looks like i wil have to save up my hard-earned cash!
Quoting Tomaz Sustar <[Email address removed]>:
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