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Service intervals.



Time or mileage dependant?
When servicing a vehicle I work on whichever occurs first. This is the
"safer" option.
One frequently comes across people who comment - "I only do 2,000 miles
a year, do I really need to change the engine oil every year?" - Dead
right you do - the worst type of driver - infrequent and short journeys
causing the most engine wear.
During my 3 and half years of L/C ownwership I have averaged 14,500
miles per year (23,000km) so with my 80 it is always mileage related.
Regards Gareth Jones.
Hi Chas
I now know its better to change the fluids even if you dont do any mileage
or low mileage.
Short trips are worse for your engine than long ones as all kinds of stuff
builds up.
After all whats a few quid for some oil, sure you may spend that on a few
pints in the pub.
Oil breaks down over time or ages and does not provide the same protection
it used to when new.
And then there is the issue of the better the oil the more it costs but the
better protection you get for your money.
A few years ago I was doing 20,000 miles a year and changed the fluids at
regular intervals.
Now I only do about 8,000 miles a year and that includes a trip to france
But I still look after the fluids very well, so now other things go wrong .
john 92 HDJ 80 1HDT