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Shock Absorbers



Hi guys,
Has anyone any experience of shock absorbers from Birmingham Motor
Parts? At ?35 + VAT they seem awfully cheap and I don't want to change
them again after 12 months. My truck hits the bump stops too often
(ordinary driving) for my liking so I was wondering if I need to change
the springs as well. The situation is not helped by the lpg tank hanging
over the back of the rear axle but that is offset some what by
having removed the 2 rear seats which are quite heavy.
Any advice would be helpful.
I don't know if there is anyone else out there with a TLC Colorado, I
would like to know where the headlamp washer relay is. Prados don't have
them so my manual is useless for that.
I know I'm paranoid but am I paranoid enough?
Rod Firth
'97 Colorado 3.4i LPG
Hi Roderick,
No I haven't seen these shocks but I suspect they are pattern parts
based on the stock landcruiser shocks. They seem to be pretty cheap
compared to other brand names but they may need more frequent changes.
That is not a big problem as a shock absorber can be easily changed in
10-15 minutes.
As for the springs - looks like you need stiffer springs. You don't
say how much load you carry while doing ordinary driving but that's
definitely a problem. Have you measured the distance between the axle
and bump stop? In my moderately lifted LC it measures 240mm (the bump
stops are also longer).
Roman (London, UK)
'92 HDJ80
On 10/5/06, Roderick Firth <[Email address removed]> wrote:
You're probably right about the shocks though they they do call them
"HD". I don't know about your 80 but the top mounts on the rear shocks
on the Colorado are difficult to access. They are underneath and there
is very little clearance between the top mount and the body underside,
so 15 mins may be a little optimistic.I'll probably go for them and see
what happens.
I haven't measured the clearance between axle and bump stop, i'll do
that if it ever stops raining. I don't normally drive with much load so
I think stiffer springs may make the ride a bit hard so I may go for
standard replacements.
'97 Colorado 3.4i LPG
Roman wrote: