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Simmering the turbo - official times



You may recall we had a discussion a few weeks back about "simmering" the turbo prior to switch-off when the engine is hot.
Well I was reading the user manual looking for max speeds for auto transmission (yes, I'm bored with work at the moment) and discovered that Toyota actually quote some times, to wit:
Normal city driving: You can turn off immediately
High-speed (sic) driving at 50mph - allow 20 seconds
Ditto at 63 mph - allow one minute
Ditto above 63 mph, or climbing steep mountains - allow two minutes.
And finally, from Mr Toyoda personally, in bold typeface:
"NOTICE: Never turn the engine off imediately after a heavy load. This may cause servere engine damage."
So now you know! (Yet another case of RTFM)
Christopher Bell
Devon, UK
1996 1HD-FT