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slider build

Jon Wildsmith

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Feb 24, 2010
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My side steps were understandably looking a bit sorry for themselves already so replacing them went to the top of the todo list. The replacements need to work as steps so my family can still get in and out easily as well as fending off rock attacks. The outside of the chassis rails on AHC equipped 100's are a bit cluttered with damping actuators and such so there's only really room for two legs. Even then the actuator stone shields will need to be removed and a couple of pipe clips relocated. As there's only going to be 2 legs per slider I've gone for 100mmx50mm box section with a 5mm wall for the outriggers instead of the much smaller channel I used on the 80. At the chassis they go to a 150x215mm plate in 6mm. The front outrigger has clearance for stiffening pieces to the foot plate but the rear outrigger has an AHC pipe in the way. This shouldn't be too much of a problem as the rear outrigger is much shorter, only 190mm, than the front. The AHC pipe could be cut, have a join fitted and go through a hole in the stiffeners. I'm still deciding if the AHC is staying or going so once that's resolved I'll go back and add the stiffening. The main section of the slider is the same as the 80 series sliders, 100x50mm in 5mm wall with a short tube welded into each end for a jacking point. The stiffeners between the main box section and outriggers is in case the sliders are used as an anchor point for a not quite side ways recovery. There's a bit of thin wall tub runs along the main box section to help make the step and some chequer plate across the top to finish it off.

This is the underside of the drivers side slider:


The outriggers clear the pinch weld on the body by about 10mm to allow space for the body and chassis to flex. The main box section sits 25mm higher and the outrigger ends are capped with short lengths of 50mm equal angle in 6mm cut down to size. This gets the step up as high as it can go and still clear the body and is 16mm higher because of my body lift anyway. Without the body lift there wouldn't be room for the 50mm depth of the outrigger box section and a weaker C section would be needed.

This is them with Hamerite spray paint that I wasn't impressed with. They're in the garage with a coat of brush on hamerite drying now:


The chassis rails are bigger than my old 80 so I can't use the u-bolts I had for that. This time I'm using M10 bolts and some 50x215mm in 6mm straps:


The two with slots cut out of them are to clear the gearbox cross member.

When the paint has dried I'll fit them up and take some more pictures with details of how they clear the AHC gubbins.

I'd estimate they're a similar weight to the 80 series sliders, maybe a tiny bit more, so about 35kg each. That may seem a bit OTT but they may find a 3+ ton truck resting on them

Much better finish with the brush on Hamerite smooth and some patience:



This is where the rear foot plate goes and you can see the pipe that's in the way:


The front is clear but with the size of plate I'm using comes up tight against the gearbox cross member round the back:


Another look at the back with the slider in place:


and the front:


Installed - not in your face, need some dirt on them


Here you can see they sit up a bit from the chassis rails courtesy of the body lift really:


Things I learn't from the 80 sliders that I've worked into this design were: raise them up as much as possible as every little helps, don't bother taking the step all the way to the front as it doesn't get used and just collects dirt, DO take the step back as far as you can because from the back seat there's not much step to aim for otherwise.

You'll see I've also left them about 50mm short of the wheel arch openings each end to allow for if the panels ever need cutting back to clear bigger tyres.

Poser shot:

afrikanz said:
Are you selling the 100 series sliders?

I don't think so, it took an age to sell 80 series sldiers so 100's won't be a big seller! They're simpler than 80 ones though and I'm happy to measure bits of them to help someone get some made up. This set were made when I had a 16mm body lift. I have a 40mm body lift now and the sliders are ok but could be higher up. It's possible I will make a new set and sell the old set but that could be a few months away and they will only fit with a 16mm+ BL.
Let me know if you sell these. I bought your 80 series sliders a couple of years ago. They were brilliant!
Will do, I thought I recognised the old 80 in the pictures ;)
I still have your tel # saved on my phone just incase I felt the need to buy & build another 80 series :)
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Been wanting to get round to this since I built Gary some sliders for his 120 and saw how much nicer the bigger tube looked :) I changed the outer tube from the skinny 1.25" tube that I happened to have already bent up from making 80 series sliders when I first made these sliders to some 2" tube that I'm able to bend myself since getting a tube bender. I also changed the chequer plate for some smooth plate that I'll put some grip strip on once they've had a couple of coats of paint. I haven't raised them to take advantage of the bigger body lift because they make a better step at their current height and they're already higher than standard. You can't tell much difference in the picture but I think they suit the truck a bit better now.

Oh John,

They look so good.



They'll look better once they get a big grubby :)
As with all your jobs Jon, 'A work of art' they look the DB's.:clap:

Is there anything you can't do (or make) for your LC100? With winter coming on, those grip strips can't come soon enough (IMHO). As ever with you, it's a nice bit of kit. Well done for turning a black man, green with envy. :mrgreen: And not for the first time.....

The Other John

AKA: The Dark Dude
Lots of things I can't make John but lots of things I can :) Sticky backed sand paper is on, I was just waiting for the paint to dry

This is an awesome build Jon.
Would it be possible to get a list of the materials used, together with the sizes? I am in South Africa and need to build a set as we don't have too many choices for rocksliders on the VX 100 over here.
This is an awesome build Jon.
Would it be possible to get a list of the materials used, together with the sizes? I am in South Africa and need to build a set as we don't have too many choices for rocksliders on the VX 100 over here.
The section sizes are in the first post but 100x50x5mm box for the legs and main box section and iirc 2" OD tube probably 3mm wall for the side tube. The chassis rail is not straight so the legs are different lengths with the front one being angled at the outside end. If you have specific measurements you need I'll try and did them out from my notes or check against the jig. I have to make a couple of sets for my wife and a friends 100 and some for my 80 so will be back in construction mode soon.