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Slow rear axle service at 140K



1996 US FZJ80, 138K on the clock. Had done a rear axle service a few yrs
back at maybe 70K
Just did my (2nd time) rear axle full service (as had smokin brakes coming
down from mtn few weeks ago as oil leak onto brakes :). Took me 2 days
(approx 14 hrs). Didn't remember it 2 b so long last time.
All bearings were fine and 3 of the seals looked ok - one had torn and that
side had given all the handbrake assembly a nice oil bath (PITA 2 clean and
degrease and put all back together again).
Replaced all the bearings (+races --had not done races b4 and learned the
lesson :) as $50 4 the set.
No grease at all on either side from oil bath so glad got it done now.
Also 1/2 hr to chisel/grind so could drain axle oil (outside ring protection
had gotten a little banged up).
Towards end my PS axle shaft won't go back in final inch. I had locked rear
diff (according 2 consensus on mud, but not done so b4). Some gently tapping
no work. Phoned Robbie who said 2 unlock the rear diff and that should do
it. Bob's your uncle - worked like a charm - straight in.
Put new pads and stops much better (other pads were down 2 the bone). Now
need 2 get some rubber stopper things 4 the little stopper things at the
back (by bell crank) as they've disappeared so handbrake not adjusted yet.
Cable seems loose so may have 2 shorten that once I get those rubber add-ons
(guess they add 2mm+ 2 tension inside brake assemble). Anyway b nice 2 have
a ebrake that works again.
from The Lal
Brendan Lally
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Hi Brendan,
I've seen that mentioned a few times, but can't see that it will help much -
you just need reasonably sensitive fingers and a lot of patience ;-)
Julian Voelcker
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Cirencester, United Kingdom
1994 HDJ80, 2.5" OME Lift