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Hi there
I know many out there have snorkels... To date I haven't bothered but that
is about to change I think. Just wondered what people thought about Safari
Snorkels with a cyclone top. The science works I know. Many years ago I
featured James Dyson and his prototype Dyson cleaner on Tomorrows World.
Just would like to know whether it is worth fitting a snorkel and if the
cyclone top on them works.
HDJ81V with many things but so far no snorkel.
Safari snorkel and a cyclone top works for me. I even tend to believe that
my mileage is slightly better whit the cyclone than standard top, but I know
this can be doubted for lots of reasons.
Anyway, the cyclone definitely solves two problems: Having tons of insects
and the like enter the snorkel when the standard top is turned forward, and
having the engine suck harder for air when the top is turned backward.
The snorkel lets me be a lot more confident that water will not enter my
combustion chambers and have me dispose of my engine...
I have a Safari and it was needed when I installed it, the
vehicle was in 4 feet of water in about two weeks. A friend has the
cyclone top and he seems to get a fair amount of dust out of it.
Whether it is just stopping the dust before it gets to the filter
proper I don't know.
Regards, Clive.
Hello guys,
The cyclone stops quite a lot of fine dust, which prolongs the life of
the filter. Still, dusting off the filter with compressed air is
highly recommended.
Roman (London, UK)
'92 HDJ80
Thanks everyone.
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