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snow chains - Clive



Clive wrote...
Thanks for the replies, sounds to me as if the back is the better
bet. I am trying to fathom something else in my mind now and cannot
come to a conclusion. What would happen with a chain on opposing
diagonal wheels, this would give steering, stop both axles from
breaking away and stop both axles from spinning (with locks). I can't
think of a downside. I have seen tractors in Austria with only one
wheel chained.
Hell Clive, you must have too much time on your hands on a Sunday !
I would say that you have forgotten about going round a curve where lockers
don't co-operate. Even then, I would think that you would stress the
diffs a tad too, going in a straight line.
Out here in 4WD playland we don't have many cissy things like lockers,
mebbe cos we don't get into too much mud or sand - but snow yes. I suggest
you go and try them on the back axle and see how you get on with them. You
really won't notice the bite of the chains till you have compacted snow
under the tyres, either gripping to go up hill or braking going down. My
home is near you the other side of Horsham and from memory I don't think
you will have too much of a taxing time in the local scenery. Its always
the odd little slope that shows-up the need for the chains to grip, usually
in the middle of a housing area. Out on the open road the cruiser will find
its own way as long as there is loose snow under the tyres to grip.
Remember to keep the tensioner tight, and wash them in warm water as soon
as you take them off.
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus in Bosnia - writing in 'text only' thanks Julian
(but the smileys are deleted from my toolbar)
PS - JB, do you sell insurance by any chance ? ;o)
PS - JB, do you sell insurance by any chance ? ;o)
No keep guessing
John C
92HDJ 80 1HD-T Ireland
Thanks for the reply, and you are right., not only about the
chains but about my time on Sundays. I am building in the garden and
today I was doing nothing, with the snow blowing and the temp. I gave
it a rest.
Regards, Clive.
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