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SOLD: 1997 Landcruiser Colorado 3.4VX (VZJ95)


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Mar 19, 2010
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Now SOLD - thanks to the buyer and this forum. :clap:

The time has come and my 90 needs to find a new home, I’ve owned it since 2004;

High Level Summary
  • 1997 December registered, “R” reg UK model Toyota Landcruiser Colorado VX, 5 door (VZJ95 model designation)
  • Green (body) over Grey (wheel arches and bumpers).
  • 3.4l V6 petrol (5VZ-FE engine) with registered BRC LPG conversion
  • 3spd + OD automatic gearbox, with Hi-Low range transfer box
  • LWB/5 door with the 8 seater configuration.
  • It’s done 197k miles and MOT expires July’ 23
The Good
  • The engine runs well, especially on LPG and has always done so – the rear petrol tank has been replaced with a 80l LPG tanks and a new custom 50l petrol tank fitted under the passenger side. The 5VZ-FE engine runs fine on LPG and no valve issues reported.
  • I’ve always used fully synthetic oil and OEM oil filters and changed every year or 9k miles.
  • New radiator fitted about 10 years ago to replace OEM as a preventative measure. I've always used Toyota Long life "red" coolant.
  • The autobox is still smooth up and down the gears. I’ve always changed the ATF as per service schedule and used fully synthetic ATF.
  • Brake are good - all 4 brake calipers were refurbed using BiggRed kits a few years back and fitted with non-OEM grooved disks/pads. Even the handbrake works well.
  • Preventative maintenance such as lower wishbone joints replaced, steering bushes (poly), UJs etc replaced.
  • Full stainless exhaust from catalytic converter back and new cat also fitted 4 years ago.
  • The truck is currently on 80 series wheels with 275/65R16 Hankook Dynapro ATM RF10 tyres – plenty of tread, the spare is still brand new and has never been used.
  • Original springs and shocks replaced with Ironman 50mm+ units – combined with the AT tyres looks great but the ride is firm.
  • The full leather interior is still in relatively good condition for its age, with no rips or tears to any of the seats. The electric adjustment and heated functions for both front seats still work. 3-point seat belt fitted to middle row, middle seat.
  • The electric sunroof also still works (tilts and fully slides) and doesn’t leak.
  • Larger capacity Yuasa battery recently fitted.
  • Rear window tints and wind deflectors fitted to all 4 door windows.
  • The 2 LED lights on the lower bumper are very bright and currently wired in as DRLs. They can be easily wired/switched for alternative use if not preferred.
  • Huge amount of history – thick A4 file (most of it also probably documented on this forum), both keys and handbooks/manuals present.
The Bad
  • The truck did have a Krown treatment about 5 years ago but as probably expected, lots of surface rust and corrosion underneath and does need some TLC. A couple of years ago the MoT picked up the offside rear seatbelt anchorage – which was welded and repaired.
  • The lacquer is peeling from both front wings and will need a respray.
  • The aerial doesn’t go up/down it’s stuck in the up position.
  • The aircon doesn't work - last time it was regassed (a few years ago now) it only blew cold for a week before the gas presumably leaked out. Never bothered since.
  • The clock has stopped - so only right twice a day ;-)
  • The non OEM JVC MP3/CD player can be a bit temperamental, though radio still works fine. (R4 reception is fine for boring old gits like me!)
  • The front LED light bar was a cheap one and now most of the LEDs have blown - best assume it’s useless. (However the wiring and switch could be reused with a new one)
  • The rear locker doesn’t work – please assume it’s fubar’rd (also see “The Ugly” section)
The Ugly
The rear diff casing started becoming porous a few years ago and I repaired it using JBWeld, this took several attempts over a few months as the corrosion crept outwards – so basically the whole rear of the diff casing, including the filler, is now encased in JBWeld. It passes the MoT but if you need to do a diff oil change, you will need to fill it through the breather hole - which will take patience. (BTW the drain hole is fine).
I did want to get a new diff casing from Milners and get it replaced but never got round to arranging it. Link here -Rear Axle Case Genuine for TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 3.4L Petrol - 5 door - 4/1996 to 7/2002 - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club]

I need to get it off the drive, so please feel free to make an offer. Nothing is too low and I won't be offended. :thumbup:

P.S. Truck is located in Watford, Herts.
P.P.S Added some quick and dirty pics - needs a wash as been collecting dust for the past couple of weeks while I've been away.


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One thing, does the air con work?

Great honest description, hope you find a buyer.
One thing, does the air con work?

No, unfortunately not - I believe there is a a leak in the system, as the last time it was regassed (probably around 5 years ago), it only blew cold for about a week. (and now added to advert, thanks)
Great honest description, hope you find a buyer.

Thank you - TBH, it'll probably pass the MoT without a murmur. Last time only advisory was for play in the anti-roll bar linkage drop links, which is an easy DIY fix, if you're bothered.
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Well, that's a start :icon-wink:

I've sent you a msg. :thumbup:
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