[Something different]



Hi Guys
Now that I can't sent attachments and can't get the tinything to work you
will have to find this yourself. On Ebay , the seller is sparklingpeach wow
what an ID. Anyway he or she is selling something a bit unique and
different, that is if you no longer want you Cruiser. Its a Range Rover
Tomcat, its just I have never seen one before maybe you have, just thought
you lot might want to see it .
John C
92HDJ 80 1HDT Ireland


Hi John,
It's very easy.
Copy the long URL from the address bar in your browser (using Ctrl + c
key combination)
Open up http://tinyurl.com/
Paste the URl into the field 'Enter a long URL to make tiny:' (use Ctrl
+ v key combination)
Press the MakeTinyURL button.
Copy the TinyURL that is generated by selecting the URL in the page and
using the Ctrl + C key combination again.
Then use Ctrl + V to paste the URL here:
On the TomCat, if you ever pick up a copy of Total Off Road, you will
see a stack of them in there. A lot of fun, but personally would
prefer a full blown rally car.
Julian Voelcker
Mobile: 07971 540362
Cirencester, United Kingdom
1994 HDJ80, 2.5" OME Lift, ARB
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