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Sorry!! & Drive Plates



Hi Mik,
No it isn't necessary, but worth checking for wear. Some people say
that if you are going to replace the Birfield you might as well
complement it with a new drive flange.
Julian Voelcker
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1994 HDJ80, 2.5" OME Lift
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On Behalf Of Mik Kenney
Sent: 21 June 2005 20:20
If the CV joint has worn to the point where it needs replacing then the
CV and drive plate splines will also be worn and they will be a sloppy
fit. Fitting a new CV with an old drive plate in that case will wear the
splines on the CV prematurely but you won't notice for quite a while and
will then need a new CV again. I destroyed an otherwise perfectly good
CV this way.
Also, at some point in 94 I think it was Toyota introduced thicker drive
plates and correspondingly longer shafts on the CV's, I assume there was
a problem with stripping the splines with the narrower drive plates. You
can't mix short shafts & thick plates or long shafts and thin plates!
If you=92re going to the expense of replacing the CV you might as well buy
the better longer one with matching drive plate IMHO. FWIW my local
dealer charges =A327.33, Milner want =A332, both Toyota parts so it's always
worth checking your dealer as well.
Best regards,