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Spain's lock down


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Mar 6, 2010
With a world so full of fake news and rumours, Below is the precis of the Prime Minister's speech and what the restrictions are. It is extracted from an extremely reliable ex-pat support site.
This country has 6000 cases and 120 deaths but is prepared to act. Lock downs in other countries may differ.

I have just listened to a very emotional, heartfelt speech by Spain's PM Pedro Sánchez after his 7 hour meeting with his government and before I offer a résumé of the contents, he has said that Spain will be taking these measures in order to stop the spread of the virus and to protect the health and wellbeing of the citizens. He said that it has nothing to do with politics, it is about the citizens - the number one priority - and if we can all collaborate and work together we can overcome this. So no fake news, no rumours, do as we are asked and with the help and understanding of every citizen here the spread will start to slow down and then we can all claim it as OUR victory as we return to our normal daily lives.

He gave thanks to health professionals, authorities, security forces and bodies, armed forces, those investigators working in finding a vaccine for this virus and to those businesses and employees who are striving to protect their customers. With help such as this and the complete participation of the citizens, he added, Spain will get over this.

He also said that whilst he knows the measures planned are sadly going to have consequences because the economic impact is going to be great, Spain is looking to mitigate and compensate those losses, albeit temporary, to companies, employees and self-employed and on Tuesday he will announce what those measures are.

So, here is what we must do -

As from today, stay at home for the next 15 days unless you need to go to - buy food, buy other essentials, chemist, doctors, work (maintain distance of 1m from other colleagues), care for elderly, young and vulnerable, bank, insurance companies, get petrol, walk dog.

The Spanish can return here from abroad and Brits can come here to their second home too but once here they must obey the same rules. In a few days there will be a 50% reduction in air travel/availability.

No schools and educational establishments will open but online and distance learning can continue.

Workers can go to another town/city if that's where they work but must go straight there and straight back, no visiting friends there after work.

All Retailers will be closed except for - food, drinks, essentials, opticians, newsagents, gas suppliers, estancos, hairdressers, dry cleaners, IT equipment, telecoms, pet animal food, Internet businesses - all others will be suspended.

No drinking, eating where food/drink bought in house, no museums, no libraries, no sports and hobby centres, no hotels and restaurants though they can do home delivery.

Religious & civil ceremonies can continue if they comply with a recommended distance (2m) between attendees.

All health workers, police, army, public & private bodies are at disposal of Sanidad Pública ( NHS).

In reality, at the entrance to each town (how and if they do this in the cities, I don't know), the police stop and question each vehicle - non-essential are turned away and the procedure is the same for vehicles attempting to leave - non-essential = go home and stay there. So there is virtually no traffic

The town is quiet - eerily quiet with no-one about but what you can hear is all the birds singing.

Spain, a country that was under dictatorial rule until 45 years ago so many remember those harsh, terrifying and austere times, is complying. Its citizens appreciate that this is for the overall good and future of the most important part of Spanish life - the family unit and each individual, whether young or old, within it. Perhaps that is why we haven't seen the massive panic buying and hysteria (although it has happened in some of the larger cities).

Yes this is undoubtedly going to be hard on some people but the community spirit will watch out for and help the young, the old and the vulnerable.




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Apr 30, 2010
non-essential are turned away and the procedure is the same for vehicles attempting to leave - non-essential = go home and stay there. So there is virtually no traffic
its hardly lockdown & a look at the list of exceptions tells us that most places will be open as normal.I was in town on saturday & everything was calm if a little subdued.Everyone ive spoken to is taking this very serious & are prepared to stay at home.

karl webster

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May 20, 2010
roldan where my sister is in Spain is in lockdown. my sisters feller has a permit that he needs to keep on him that says he can go work and travel. if found off the roads he needs to be on he gets a 6k fine.