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[SPAM][BL] [SPAM][BL] A 100 Prado ?



The 70 series prado was a Malaysian model that the current 76 series wagon
we get here now was built from, after Toyota raided the parts bin, and added
the new front, and new engine/drivetrain. 76.jpg
The 100 was sold as Prado in one market, I think because the Land Cruiser
name was an issue in translation.
Darren McRae
Drysdale, Victoria, Australia.
95 FZJ-80 supercharged on 37"s SLEE front and rear bar/carrier
2wd/4wd conversion auto mods 25% reduction low range gears
Slinky Long Travel Suspension set up, 3" lift, 12" stroke shocks,
270lt fuel, snorkel, 4.56 diff gears, HID lights, 60lt Engel, winch,
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Subject: [ELCO] [SPAM][BL] A 100 Prado ?
Well I know I am a pain when I ask that people on here do not refer to their
beloved TLC by a marketing name rather than the series number. After all on
the front page of the ELCO site Julian rightly only refers to series
I have seen the Prado brand only on 90's yet the Colorado on 70's as well as
90's. (Though have been told that Prado was once used on a 70 in an obscure
market somewhere). So what was this beast I was looking at ? To me it was
very definitely a 100.