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[SPAM][BL] Strange problem with warm engine



could be a number of things:
1. Either a head gasket or liner problem- white smoke could actually be
steam- take the each of the spark plugs out and see if one is noticeably
cleaner than the other as this would indicate water leakage into the
cylinder. This is a common issue on Rover V8s.
2. Heat in the engine bay is vapourising the fuel- when runing there is
enough cool air to stop the vapourising but when stoppped the latent heat
from the engine/exhaust vapourises the fuel- can be checked by lagging the
fuel lines or the exhausts depending on which is easier
3. IAT- it's the valve which opens to choke the engine- could be gunked up
with carbon and not opening/closing properly. Usually on the back of the
inlet manifold- unplug it and give it a good clean.
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Dear All,
I have the following problem with my LC80. When the engine (1HF-FT) is
warm - for example when I drive with it for 2 hours on highway (120 -
140 km/h) and then i stop somewhere the rpm at idle are not constant but
they are jumping and the engine sometimes even stops. The problem is not
constant but I'm still wandering what is cosing it.
Yesterday I was driving for one hour and then I stopped and after
starting engine again there was a smoke coming from the exhaust which
is very unusual since it is not a smoky engine.
Since I'm planning new African winter trip with it I just want to be
sure that it the engine is in good shape.
Any ideas what might be the reason ? The fuel pump is a candidate in my
opinion but since this problem is not constant I'm not sure.
Regards & thanks in advance,
1996 HDJ80 (1HD-FT 24V, manual gearbox), OME Lift (6 cm), Safari
snorkel, Front runner long ranger tank (170L)

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Hi James,
as I said I'm not sure regarding the color of the smoke. I'm checking
the fluid levels constantly - and the coolant level is constant.
IAT - what does it exactly mean and where it is located on the engine ?