[SPAM][PF] [SPAM][PF] [SPAM][PF] ?????? ?????????? ????????????



Some of mine were in Junk mail in Outlook....
The one that I replied to (if you got it) was in the ELCO list, the wonders
of technology :)
-----Original Message-----
From: [Email address removed] [mailto:[Email address removed]] On
Behalf Of Malcolm Bagley
Sent: 30 July 2008 14:50
To: [Email address removed]
Subject: [SPAM][PF] RE: [ELCO] RE: [ELCO] [SPAM][PF] RE: [ELCO] ??????
?????????? ????????????
What spam - never made it to me or the spam folder?
I think NTL filter because I quite often get missing chunks of ELCO threads
but I do still get 50 to 150 junk emails a day across four accounts, seems
to vary a lot?
Stafford (UK)
FJ45 '75 & FJ45 '76
OK, sorted, sorry about that. I had forgotten to restrict posting to only
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