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I guess the disco 3 is a good 4x4 if you take everything in context,
for the majority who tell themselves they "need" a 4x4 the disco 3 i
very capable, it'll pull a caravan with ease and carry 2.4 kids in
comfort, but for those of us who want a 4x4 we'll buy a good one
because we understand what we want. I feel sorry for people who fall
for the marketing. Yes the disco 3 is a good car but i just can't see
them being on the road once they hit 8 or 9 years old. I mean the last
"soft ware" update i did on my car was a new seat cushion but my mates
disco needs to go back to the dealer every few months for software
upgrading. Rant over. Sorry people. Brian.
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