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[SPAM][SP] LCOOL "1HD-FT Performance Adjustments"



I'm thinking of doing the fuel pump adjustments according to the
procedure described on:
I'm wandering if it is there any particular reason that the Toyota
adjustment is so conservative and of course if there are any "side
effects" of changing the factory settings as described in the LCOOL
Since my primary target is overhanding and not racing the most important
thing for me is of course reliability of the engine therefore I want to
be sure that I'm not getting into troubles as a consequence of this
adjustment (overloading pump, turbo etc...).
Thank in advance for your help & best regards,
1996 HDJ80 (1HD-FT 24V, manual gearbox), OME Lift (6 cm), Safari
snorkel, Front runner long ranger tank (170L)
I did the adjustments on mine about 3 years ago and they made a noticeable
difference to off boost performance. As far as I am aware there have been
no negatives.
96 HDJ80