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I haven't done any mods to the engine yet, so my contribution may be of
little use to you as you clearly seek a positive proof. Probably, the best
proof would be to take the engine apart, examine the condition of each vital
component, then do the same again after running a modified engine for say 25
thousand miles.
I entirely agree that the engine is a system and changing one setting will
affect another. But if your concern is how it performs on long trips with
heavy loads, you should include in the equation also other drivetrain
components: cluch, CV joints, gearbox, etc., always rememering that making
one link stronger doesn't make the weakest link any better.
Roman (London, UK)
'92 HDJ80 (auto)
On Thu, Aug 28, 2008 at 11:27 AM, Tomaz Sustar <[Email address removed]>wrote:
> Hi Roman,
> I saw that but this is in my opinion something you can control - right.
> Have you done the adjustment on your lc80 ?
> The engine is a system and sometimes when you modify something on one
> end it can result in problems on the other end when you wouldn't expect
> it - at least until you dig into the manuals if you are not really an
> expert. Therefore I would like to know what are the experiences of the
> people who did the modification and of course opinion of people who
> abandoned this idea.
> I tried the HDJ80 last week of the guy who did that adjustment and
> acceleration was really better then on mine - so it is a temptation -
> but my experience with engine modifications is that there is no "free
> lunch" and I want to stay on the safe side after all.
> Regards,
> Tomaz
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> 1996 HDJ80 (1HD-FT 24V, manual gearbox), OME Lift (6 cm), Safari
> snorkel, Front runner long ranger tank (170L)
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I did this adjustment to mine and did not notice much difference. I now have
it running as standard. I am not too concerned about extra acceleration.
Clive Marks
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