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Spare wheel carrier mount, catch.

Now I have that over centre toggle clamp configured correctly, it is doing a fine job of holding the wheel carrier in place...


Can you spot it now...   :lol:


I knew repositioning the rear x-member would proove useful ;-)
Is that the final resting place for the clamp, Gav? Looks a little exposed like it could get knocked open if you scrape the bumper descending? Would the tow hitch contact first?
Sorry if these are dumb questions :oops:
Thats the open postion for the latch Andy - the red handle points up when its closed. Now that the latch is pulling the swing out arm down onto the bracket fixed to the bumper immediately to the right of the rope, it all holds together nicely.

The other bracket on the swing arm with the two holes in will be removed & a positive locking latch will be fitted for belt & braces to prevent accidental opening of the arm.
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Not at all... Which side/end does what spring go again? Wish I'd asked that one!!!