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Spare Wheel Pressure


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Oct 26, 2022
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Hi all,

My spare wheel on the back door never holds it's pressure. I also have no spare wheel cover so maybe it is being cause by exposure to the sunshine but we don't get so much of that around here so I can't figure it out.

I'll bring it in to a tyre place next week I think but would be good to know what ye think. I noticed on NS 4x4 they sell a spare for €100 that I am probably going to pick up.

What do you think? Is the lack of a cover causing my pressure issue or should it not matter?
Thanks for your reply Shayne, so if I use oko it might fix the problem? I might try pumping it up and submerging it in water to see where it's coming from like you do with a bicycle wheel. It's a very slow leak though so there might not be any visible bubbles. Is it much hassel swapping out the valve it that is the issue?
Oh and I put oko in new tyres , it helps with balancing and nothing but a tear is going to leave you flat .

Just remembered noticing a screw in the mrs tyre night before mot , stuck some oko in pulled the screw out and drove around the block , might have been 5 years ago she's still using the same tyres and I've never thought about it since .
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120 wheels are getting old now, it could be corrosion around the rim breaking the bead - spray some soapy water around the rim or get the local tyre place to have a look
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OK that's as clear an answer I can get. Later on I'll get out to the compressor then soap it up and see where the air is coming out, hopefully it's the valve and not a greater issue.
Thanks for all the replies j120 fans.