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Speakers and ICE



I'm just starting the build of my rear drawer system in the 80, as part of
it I will be putting in a false rear partition to hide the incar PC (which
currently sits in a footwell) and amps along with a slim 10" sub. Should
provide som nice depth.
However I am a bit lacking in the speaker department for the rest of the
car. What have people managed to fit elsewhere? particuarly in the way of
mid-range and full range speakers. has anyone manged to get a set of 6x9s in
the rear doors and what options are there up front- the door pockets don't
look strong enough to fit proper speakers into, and the in-dash speakers are
teeny. don't' really want to start making up new door cards and the like as
that's a bit too much hassle at the moment. head unit is at least up to
scratch, being a nice poineer bluetooth jobby that plays 120gb of MP3s
sitting on the in car PC- it's brilliant never running out of toons! :D
If your LC is like mine ('92 VX), after removing the door trim panels
you will see the holes where speakers can be mounted.
I did my own installation using rather flat speakers (to avoid the
magnets hitting door glass). You can also use spacer rings ca 24-mm
thick. Obviously, you will also need to make a suitable hole in the
door trim panel.
If you are lucky, you may even have suitable wiring in place. I
didn't, so I had to run my own wires using the multi-connectors in the
A-posts (adding extra pins in empty slots). One tricky bit for me was
running wires through the rubber grommets between the door and the
Roman (London, UK)
'92 HDJ80 (auto)
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