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Spring/ summer meet May 10-12 thetford.

I have no idea, but that's where it is
Did anyone manage to get any photos of the last ford we crossed, either heading out or on the way back? Been trying to explain to a friend which ford it was.
Brilliant, that's it...... you've even captured the miserable old *^'^'! talking to the guy in the hat.
Don't suppose you've got any going the other direction?
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Nice simple front bumper mate,was it custom made?

TBH it came on an 80 I bought a decade ago and have just sold without the bumper as I wanted to fit a winch as well to my 80. This is as much as I know about it so I guess it was custom made a good while ago. I was going to fit an ARB to the 80 bit this was half the weight.
I always think when I look at ARB bumpers it would be a handy thing to have when all the kangaroo's running wild in Milton Keynes :lol: