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Hi Lubomir,
The remote sounds different to the UK ones. Does it have buttons to press on
it, or do you hold it in place for a short period against a contact on the
dashboard? If it's the latter, there will be no batteries inside it, it
probably has a transponder type chip in it. The red key you mentioned is
probably important for resetting the system. As you've found it, try and get
some instruction from somewhere on resetting the system. Otherwise your
Toyota dealer will spend hours on it and give you a big bill!
The black & red button remote described by Peter is the UK fit. It was
actually fitted by Toyota GB at the point of import, manufactured by
Scorpion, in response to Thatcham 1 insurance requirements.
I was selling Toyota at a franchised dealer way back then and the things
were a bloody nightmare. My wife's Carina has one fitted and I had it
disconnected first time it played up.
Most Landcruisers from this period did not have any 'genuine' factory fit
alarms, most being fitted by their respective importers in response to local
insurance needs etc.
If you've got an import, or even a TGB car, scrap the alarm if it plays up
and fit a new one if you can possibly afford it.
Hope this helps,
Best regards
Neill Watson
Neill Watson
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On 12/2/06 6:08 pm, "List Server" <[Email address removed]> wrote:
Hi Neill
that's what I thought-it's the one you describe-no buttons to press
but keep it against the contact(the receiver I supposed)
If Toyota will charge me heavily I'd rather ask them to disable it
and install alarm instead of.
The car is imported from Germany and on the front windows is that
'immobilizer' stuff-looks original...
Is it easy to disable that immobilizer?How to 'scrap the alarm'?
PS-By the way the system response better with the red one(at least
get disabled for a sec or two)
Could it be the chilly weather the reason?
On Feb 12, 2006, at 8:40 PM, Neill Watson wrote:
Highly unlikely the chilly weather.
Removing it should be straight forward for a competent auto electrician.
Before that, try and find out the make / model and Google it to see if you
can find instructions. It would be a shame to scrap it due to ignorance of
what it's trying to do.
Where in Norway are you? I was in Gautefall this time last year, but
apparently it's been warmer this year and the lakes have not been so good
for driving on.
Neill W
Neill Watson
Driving Images
T: +44(0)1642 781112
M: +44(0)7802 202002
On 12/2/06 7:57 pm, "Lubomir Kolev" <[Email address removed]> wrote:
I'm in Oslo and it's -12 degrees-maybe down to -15 at night and we
have plenty of snow now. But couple of days ago I stuck in that snow
and none of my diff.spares helped me out-thanks the farmers we have
some tractors here :)
Well I 'll talk to Toyota tomorrow but I'm quite skeptical !!! they
don't know that LC - it was not imported here at all. so they don't have
manuals and whatever equipment for that. But I'll try to be optimist :)
Beautiful web-page Neill!!!!!!!!
On Feb 12, 2006, at 9:13 PM, Neill Watson wrote: