starter power pack, now equine political leanings



Well, yes, for you.

Apparently we drive on the left because in the days of coaches and 4 or
6 horses people who were right-handed, and so held the horse-whip in
their right hands, found it easier to move their team of horses to the
left when meeting a carriage coming the other way.
Maybe M. Bonaparte, or perhaps his coachman, was left-handed? Or (more
likely) he just wanted to be different to les Anglais.
Christopher Bell
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| and that means the battery in front of the passenger seat!!!
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Oh now I am started up the old 100 years war again. For info, I do
not like Napolean not one little bit. But he did make our civil law
some sense. We use his law even today.
2007/11/18, Christopher Bell <[Email address removed]>:
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