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Steering box

Jake the Peg

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Aug 17, 2018
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I’ve just had my steering box back from being refurbished, and although I just went to the end of the road, I can safely say it’s much improved. Returned in the expected fresh black paint and with a 12 month no quibble warranty. I’m led to believe they had a fair job as they said it pretty knackered.
Im happy to give Kelly Bray Steering a shout out, if anyone else is needing the work done, it’s close to half the cost of a refurbished one from Roughtrax.

I’ve got a seal kit (as I planned to do it myself a while back) if anybody wants one!
Just had my SB refurbished for the third time. The first was to cure leaks, the second was to replace a twisted quadrant shaft and this time was to cure leaks again.

I was thinking they can’t have done a very good job last build, but then I realised it was pushing 10 years and 230k km ago since it was done :lol:.

Anyway, it steers like a new one now, no play and no leaks, all good :thumbup: