Stock suspension, biggest tires???


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Feb 6, 2019
Hy guys....Standard problems, never satisfied with readed articles what's the biggest size to fit without rubbing on stock LC95 ☺
265/75r16, 285/75r16 and I looking for BF kM3, ko2, stt pro, stt max...wuhu


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Mar 19, 2010
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In short, 265s will fit with negligible or no rubbing. 285s will need a bit of fettling. Suspension lifts, body lifts, spacers etc all come into the equation too.

It's a perennial question and there are lots of articles and threads here and elsewhere.

Really depends on how much you want the looks over usability and fuel economy etc. (Says he, opening a can of worms..)


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I am in guyana
Jan 28, 2011
Milton keynes
Your safest bet is the 265 75 16 option and even that will depend on what offset your wheels are. The 285 option is a little shy of 33". You're going to need to grind/hammer away some metal, get rid of the mud flaps and it might still touch on compression with stock suspension. Not worth it unless you actually lift it in my opinion.
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