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Strategies to make a 25 country list was Feedback Please



As this list is much more Julian's than anyone else's I cannot comment on
whether or not it should be restricted to 80's.
As for the strategies for other countries, there is no strategy to attract
people from the UK, apart from the fact that Julian came up with the
suggestion and so the list is UK run. I am sure that people would be welcome
from the rest of Europe but usually there has to be an attraction. This
attraction may well come in time with a good list of aftermarket service and
spares/mods. suppliers, and a very active and knowledgeable (just a
thought), information exchange. If you have any more ides please air them.
Clive Marks,
West Sussex, (very close to Gatwick)
HDJ81 (import), 1997
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Fair enough.
I'll tell my friends although with a LC80 I only know one guy.
So let me rephrase:
a) What strategies to attract people from the other 24 countries?
b) Should this list be LC in general or just 80s?
As good as any.
94 1HD-T Portugal
So I'll do some promotion on this corner of Europe.
As you probably already know very few 80s around here.
Most are 90, 70 and "die-hard" 40s.
94 1HD-T Portugal
Hi Joaquim,
I suppose we really need a 'champion' in each country to handle local
I'll do what I can via the search engines and hopefully in time as the
content on the site builds up this will draw people in.
I'll try to do stuff in the UK press, but we will people in each
country to handle local stuff. If I create the releases, it should
just be a case of translating, adding some local flavour and then
sending off, although talking to the journalists prior to sending the
release usually works better.
Whilst most of us here have 80s this is only because I dragged people
from the 80s list. Ideally I think it should be open to all models.
At the end of the day we will start off with one central list, however
if in time the traffic gets too much, we can then think about splitting
the list up into ones covering different models or different countries.
Julian Voelcker
[Email address removed]
Mobile: 07971 540362
Cirencester, United Kingdom
80less at the moment - Roll on June!