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sunroof moulding


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Aug 28, 2013
Sorry if this has been discussed already (I searched and only found one thread), but my 1995 FJ80 is seriously leaking around the sunroof. It stormed last night, so I sat inside the truck to watch where the water enters. I watched as the trim covering the A pillars soaked and then the water began dripping from them near the bottom (I had already removed the plastic trim covering the threshold…I'd also already pulled back the carpet). It filled up the small channel near the door. It was dripping from the handle on the A pillars. It was doing this equally on both sides of the truck. I had cleaned the drain tubes earlier, as well as applied silicone on the areas that others on this forum had suggested.

I observed that my sunroof is very loose. I can push it down about 1/16th of an inch with my finger when closed. Is this normal? I'm assuming at this point that my sunroof moulding needs to be replaced. Is this something I can do myself? Is it a major pain?

I'm open to other suggestions to stop the leaking if anyone has them. Thanks in advance.
I would say yes the water is getting in from the sunroof by the sounds of it but it should not leak into the cart and rather flow out through one of the four drain pipes that are held on to each corner of the sunroof by a self tension clip.

It sounds like one if not more of yours have come loose and that is why it is leaking into the car.

Drop the head liner, an easy job and take a look. It might not solve the leaking sunroof but should stop it leaking into the car.
This can be a bit of a goose chase I'm afraid. But in essence the sunroof doesn't actually seal. It would be nice, but it's not intended to actually seal. Water does get in. It's what happens to the water next that is the issue. There are two principal problems. The first is that the drain in the bottom of the sill blocks up and the water back up inside the drain tube until it overflows and then runs over into the car. Easy fix using a zip tie. Look under the sill where it almost joins the floor pan and you will see a tiny slit in the inner surface. It's not easy to see. But it's under the door area. Poke the zip tie in there and see if a gallon of water comes out. Mine ran for 40 minutes. If you can't find it, then just lever out one of the round plastic bungs. If it's dry in there then clearly the roof is draining properly.

Next issue is where Toyota needed a hole through the roof for the mechanism. At the leading corner inside the sunroof reveal (open the roof) you will see a quadrant shaped plastic cover. This is sealed with black goo which over time lets the water in. As the water coming in fills the roof reveal, it runs over this plastic cover and leaks down into the A pillar of the windscreen.

The remedy is to take the cover off, pull all the old sealant out and re seal it. Look at the way it was done in the factory as you take the old mastic out. It's not about how much you apply, it's where you apply it. It's really a shocking solution on such a vehicle. You might have to pull down the headlining too so that you can get to it underneath. Pour some water on there and look from underneath to see if drips appear. Make sure it's dry afterwards. New mastic won't stick to wet components. Don't use something that dries like a rock. Use something flexible.

If that don't cure it then we'll have to think again. It can be that the drain tubes themselves leak, but I'd go with those first.
Thanks for the replies. The day before the storm, I cleaned the drain tubes with a stiff wire and poured water down them. They seemed to be working properly. I'll take a look at the covers you mentioned and will also pull the headliner corners to see from underneath. Could be that the tension clips are weak and some water is getting by.

Has anyone ever changed the sunroof moulding? I priced one for a reasonable price and would go ahead and replace it if it isn't too much hassle.
Never known anyone to need to change the sunroof moulding. Seeing as it's not usually the source of a leak. I can push my roof down too, but it doesn't leak and it's 20 years old. It did leak and then I cleaned the drains and re sealed the hole under the cover. Then it didn't.
Good to know. When I realized I could push it down, I figured it wasn't sealing properly. I'll hold off replacing it and begin with resealing the covers.
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There are 4 drain tubes in total, 2 at the front (one in each A pillar) and 2 at the rear which go to the rear wheel arches and out through the sills.

IMHO the fronts are easy to access so get cleaned regularly, while the rear outlets are not.

If the rears get blocked, then the fronts will be overloaded in a heavy downpour, and the water build-up then overspills into the truck.

Also, when I dropped my headlining, I found one of the rear tubes detached, well actually severed, which is strange. It looked a clean cut like a craft knife cut, very odd.

Anyway, I re-connected it and cleaned out the rear tubes, with no problems since. No additional sealant needed either (yet).
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