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Suspension upgrade



I can't say much about this as others are way ahead of me on the subject.
But I have replaced all my dampers with ProComp 9000's for the hammer of
the roads in the Balkans. (Next on the wish list is to fit a ProComp
steering damper).
The ride is much superior and always feels nice and tight with a sure foot
on bumpy roads in the wet.
You have to get used to the fact that they don't have the stone deflector
at the bottom of the cylinder as do the Toy OEM's. You also have to accept
the idea that they don't have a rigid shroud over the piston, just a
plastic boot. But I have had no problems with them, and contrary to the
opinions of some, the boots do have water drain holes in them so no water
lingers around the piston rods. The rear ones are fun to fit once you let
the restraining wire go and the nitrogen pressure 'kicks' in ;o)
Oxford Canal North.
HZJ80 ex UN surplus from Bosnia