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Temperature gauge specifications


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Dec 13, 2021
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I am having a heating issue and wanted to see if anyone could tell me the temperature ranges of the HDJ80. I know the gas FZJ80 has a gauge that spikes at 225F Just over 100C. Is that gauge the same one used on the HDJ80?
I cannot give you figures but will tell you the gauge is 'damped' from the factory so it sits in pretty much the same place once OT is reached however, it is only when there is a serious high temperature event happening at the engine does it really move.........often too late!

There is a modification you can make to the gauge to correct this anomaly and something I did quite a few years ago, basically you need to remove the gauge cluster and cut out a couple of small electronic components and replace with ones that will allow the gauge to indicate correctly.

Have a search on 'MUD'.


As Dave2000 has said, the OEM gauge is quite a blunt tool. If you don't fancy removing the binnacle to mod the existing gauge you could maybe fit an after market item temporarily to get a better picture of what's happening with engine temps.
I am aware of the issue with the OEM gauge. That is why I want my own gauge installed. My gauge pegged and I have learned all about it. My issue is most likely the sending unit. I have one on order now, but until then, I wanted to install a more accurate gauge as well just for peace of mind. The problem has been finding a good place to install the gauge sensor.
And there is a little information on it on MUD but I try to stay away from it. The infighting drives me crazy. And there is still limited information on the 1HDT. It is the main reason I joined this forum.