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jeremy "--" --
gps: s26 11.431 e028 00.279
1kz-t 3.0 td 4runner; arb bullbar; safari snorkel; ome hd suspension; 750/16
michelin xzls on steel split rims;
duel batteries on split charge; 5 core radiator; custom roof rack and swing
away wheel carrier (to be fitted).
from: [email address removed] [mailto:[email address removed]] on
behalf of renate haupt
sent: 19 november 2004 13:36
to: [email address removed]
subject: re: [elco] shdj81v
jeremy wrote:
it's also wearing very nice alloys and dueller tyres but they will be
reeplaced with steel rims and probably bfgs. i'm also going to prep it for
n. africa, ie snorkel, bars, raised suspension+shocks, new rad, gearbox oil
cooler etc etc.
before i went to the sahara i had a safari snorkel fitted, mega bull bar,
bash plate, lrft, heavy duty springs, raised suspension/shocks, and tjm
spare wheel carrier plus new radiator compontents, and a new exhaust
manifold which is better at mixing air and fuel ratios. at the time it
looked spanking, all shiny bits (my version of some very basic bells and
whistles), but now you can see its been a done a few rough things in its
life, at least it looks the part....
i'm still considering whether i have additional cooling mechanisms/equipment
added, as i might just have these done before the next jaunt to libya and
algeria next year.
these are the only mods i've had at the moment, basic but effective,
realistic and practical.
dennis might be wanting to go to morocco/mauretania again in 2005.
i'm bound by a college work contract so even though i can have up to 30 days
paid leave, without prior negotiation, i can get extended weeks if i need
them, after this the rest will be unpaid.
i have to consider the personal research agenda which limits where i go and
when and balance this with working a 7.30am to 6.30pm working week which
includes weekends.
i spring i' having larger wheels (steel) and tyres fitted.
i still have alloys on mine at the moment and have just had the old tyres
replaced with new bfg's, i was hoping not to have to do this this year, but
the tyres get damaged after a while, and begin to rupture so i had them
replaced yesterday. mind you, the old bfgs have had a good innings -
they've been on the car since i bought it back in 1999/2000 and have been
through all kinds of stuff since the, so am still more than happy to replace
them with new bfgs as and when.
happy modding!
on 19/11/04 10:00, "julian voelcker" <[email address removed]> wrote:
>> shdj81v
> i've not come across the s and v bits before - what's the spec (gx or
> vx)?
> also did you managed to get one with factory lockers.
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> regards,
> julian voelcker
> mobile: 07971 540362
> cirencester, united kingdom
> 1994 hdj80, 2.5" ome lift, arb
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