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Thanks for the add


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May 2, 2021
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Hi and thank's for the add. Just picked up a 92 LJ78 a few days ago and absolutely love it. Have had few other 4wds but this is by far my favorite already. It's in pretty good nick. Has a few things to get sorted, I'll do the belts, bearings and stuff. Needs hubs sorting out. Gonna stick a lift and new wheels and tyres on it. Only took the rack off yesterday, gonna get it cleaned up or maybe get another one. Need to sort the rear corners too. Have the parts just a bit ratty so might look at an aftermarket rear bumper or try sort them out. Bit of paint work to tidy. Interior is mint just needs a decent stereo, still has the jap one I think as won't get many stations. Absolutely loving it and am looking for excuses to drive it haha.

Have been looking here for a while so much info so thanks all.

Coming from old VWs so it's a nice change. I had a 93 Hilux surf about 10 years ago and loved that too.

Thanks again for the add.


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Mar 28, 2011
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Welcome your dream has come true! Nice find the 78! It's quite a rare truck in Britain. It's important to have a under body treated as from the factory they're not fully protected and after a few years of use on the winter salted roads here, they can rust.

Nice find! :thumbup: