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The Daily Digest



I am still very happy with the digest. It comes to a dedicated
address on my own domain and finds its way into my Eudora software
with no problem. (Now I am hosted in UK !)
I have other digests that also have no problems with either
transmission or reception - nor with html. I have looked at Gmail
following your previous advice, but it seemed too complicated for my
simple brain to get round. (And using Gmail to transfer mails onwards
to my own domain proved too much of a problem too).
Also, travelling as I am now doing again, its far easier to go onto
webmail and look at all my own mails at once rather than try and look
at various webmails from others, at an internet cafe or a pc in some
else's office. Something that will be sorely tried in more foreign
parts next week ! Long live the digest.
Linslade Beds/Belgrade, Serbia
'92 HZJ80 ex UN Bosnia surplus