The Landcruiser of Soldiers


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Feb 24, 2010
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Having bombed the target, Jackson's Lancaster (serial ME699) was attacked by a German night fighter and a fuel tank in the starboard wing caught fire. Jackson, already wounded from shell splinters, strapped on a parachute and equipped himself with a fire extinguisher before climbing out of the aircraft and onto the wing, whilst the aeroplane was flying at 200 mph, in order to put out the fire. He gripped the air intake on the leading edge of the wing with one hand, and fought the fire with the other. The flames seared his hands, face, and clothes. The fighter returned, and hit the bomber with a burst of gunfire that left two bullets in his legs. The burst also swept him off the wing, leaving him to fall 20,000ft with a smouldering and holed parachute.

He suffered further injuries upon landing, including a broken ankle,...
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