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TJM RB8 onto my 80

Dave Burgess

Well-Known Member
Apr 1, 2010
Having played with the front TJM Type 15 and realised there is a lot of work involved, I thought I'd offer up the rear bumper to see if the same amount of work is required. This Rear is again off a 105 and came as a good deal (which is getting worse as less of it fits :roll: ). Bits I found quickly are here:

There is little difference in width as I still have arch extension on and intend keeping them on.

The mounting holes are different spacing on the chassis rails but there is a stand off where some spacers are required (this is part of the original 105 fit as well) so adaptor/spacers are the way ahead there.

The foam rubber trims above the 'wings' to the wheel arch were rubbish anyway but wouldn't have fitted the 80 so another fill is required - some thing similar to (but nowhere near as extreme as) the Hanna Quality one we've all been looking at.

Minor grind of a x-member weld to get it to seat better.

Despite those little bits it fits really well. There is a bit of modification I want to add to put in a 2in receiver and Andersen socket for a winch so it'll be fettled, modified, and powder coated. Later a TJM/Gavlad style spare carrier will go on to (so I can use my spare wheel cover ;)