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Top corner of windscreen body repair


Active Member
May 27, 2015
Has anyone done this repair? Just at the top corner of the windscreen I have a hole! Looks like a windscreen out job. I am wondering about glueing a piece of steel in. I don't want to bodge it but modern day adhesives are very good. I am thinking of PU adhesive (Sikaflex or similar). It would save the need to weld in a very tricky spot and possibly not take the screen out. I will paint the small section by hand and I am not looking for an invisable repair just a solid sound and waterproof. Function over form until I could afford to get the whole roof resprayed. There are a few dodgy bits (no rust) elswhere on the roof. This is probably the most awkward repair that I have to do. I am still amazed how good the condition is for a 25 year old vehicle. I took to a friend with an outside lift and jet washed the underside. I have now treated any surface rust with Fertan (Fertan – Rust Convertor - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club]) I have used this with very good results on my very rusty Iveco. I will then treat with Dinitrol 3125 inside cavities and on the uderside, followed by Dinitrol 4942 on the underside. Another product I have had great results with on my Iveco. I will try to get a few photos of the repairs as I know it is good to see a photo or two!

Regards Graeme