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TopGear and Grand Tour support vehicles.


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Aug 15, 2011
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Just finished watching the TG tour to Nepal and spotted them using 80 series Land cruisers as support vehicles.

My Mrs thinks I am a bit crazy for spotting and watching out for a glimps of the cruisers but I loved it.

Does anyone have any photos of them using support Cruisers for their tours? I think most of them have been supported by cruisers including:
Nepal - 80 series
Botswana- 70 series
Artic - 120 series (artic truck)

anyone got any others?
Didn't spot any Toyota LC's. I was appalled at the blasphemy which I thought was illegal, used to be. It's forgivable to use JC in private or with a friend when you find all his rockers broken. But on an edited Beeb programme to me it was offensive. I'm not particularly religious nor am I a racist but I find words describing coloureds offensive on the screen.
Just reminds me, I happened to see an episode of " Worlds most dangerous roads" last week with Phil Jupitus and another dude. They were in Peru/ Bolivia/ Chile and the whole journey was undertaken in an 80 series 4.5 petrol. Funnily enough, the Cruiser was never mentioned but there was some great footage.
James May is driving a white 150 around Japan in his new show. A few 80s in the background as well.