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Julian wrote...
I'm intrigued. What is the ball hitch rated to and also where did you
get it.
If rated to 3.5tons it seems like a really handy option, better than
the ploughs that most of us have at the back.
SOURCE - when I bought the 2nd hand 80 for an office last summer I offered
to keep it in my large garage whilst they re-licenced it. (Old communist
ways, buy a second hand car and it has to have new plates and logbook,
great for thieves. Another reason why I like my offshore plates.). So I
also put the new - Bosnian - plates on when they arrived. In the process I
used my executive powers as second-in-command of the mission to liberate
the 80 from the burden of carrying the hook around - fuel saving. I decreed
that that particular office had no reason to do any towing with it (they
have 7 Niva's with hooks :o)
The 80 was military spec though with European 24v starting despite being an
HZJ. The hook was supplied new by Toy Gib - I believe but not sure.
RATING - I am only going on what I have been told elsewhere. I don't have a
definitive book telling me the rating. Just told that it was Toy's own
rating for the beefed-up rear chassis crossmember. I don't think its any
heavier as a military spec compared with any other 'civilian' spec 80.
SHAPE - we discussed this on the list several months ago, and at the time I
wrote that the swan-neck type was used by 'us professionals' (ahem ;o) as
its designed to give the least resistance over rough terrain, mud, tree
stumps etc.
I know you can get them for Land Rovers so maybe Matt can source them ?
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus in Bosnia - with curvy towhitch !