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Towing and all that stuff



Mr Moderator -
Julian wrote...
I don't see any problems with people jumping in to stress safety
issues, but probably best to clarify things before we start a flame
Methinks you are too mild in your moderation. If this were 80scool Mick or
GC would have wielded the
B I G S N I P P O by now and probably banned the miscreants for a week. And
you have been on that list long enough to know that they will do it too.
I don't buy the excuse that it is safety related either.
No one on this list is a member of the Towing Toyota Road Safety Police. It
became more like the pub sketch from Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse in
the Fast Show, than a casual conversation between more-or-less complete
I know Renate is a funny old stick at times but we all love her dearly,
even though she can go all Miss Jean Brodie and write to us all like
teacher's naughty schoolboys. But she made a genuine practical and
complimentary comment and no more.
I suggest, Mr Moderator, that you take along to the Netiquette College of
Learning some of our space cadets and get them to remember what their
mummy's told them when they were children (5 years ago?) That you are never
to be rude to strangers, and after being reminded of that, don't still give
justifications for rudeness in your reply - it doesn't work.
Thanks, and now you can SNIP me for being forthright.
Well, I was certainly letting it lie, and so (as far as I know) was
Renate. The issue was finished with even before Julian issued his email
quoted below.
But now Jon has had to butt in with his unnecessary, unrequested (and
somewhat late) opinion. I get very little from this list, I lurk mostly
only if I feel that I can *contribute* to a topic I do, if I only have
an opinion - I keep it to myself.
Jon, I don't care if you don't "buy" the safety issue - I wasn't trying
to sell it - I believed that Renate was of the opinion that the trailer
had to be "balanced" i.e. zero nose weight. I still believe that to be
true based on her reply to Rob:
Sorry about this next sentence, Rob, As I said, balance is what it
seemed to be to me - it looked good, was efficient AND effective -
neither horse box nor car were at all stressing, both were very quiet
and I was close enough to see and hear if either was straining! to me
this is how it is supposed to be, so I'm tending to disagree with your
sentence - sorry.
His sentence was simply that a trailer should have a nose weight of
between 50 & 100kg.
I have seen caravans smashed, and trailers overturned because of
incorrect loading, I didn't want that to happen to Renate.
I know I'm not a member of the "Towing Toyota Road Safety Police", but I
am a responsible civilian. If being responsible is subject to being
admonished, then I'm going to be responsible somewhere else.
As I said earlier, I get very little from this list, and grief I don't
need right now, so I'll probably hang on until tomorrow just out of
morbid curiosity to see if there is any reaction to this email - then I
will unsubscribe.
toy80 wrote:
Alan Thomson
Dunfermline, Scotland
1994 KZJ70, 2" OME lift, Warn HS9500, Custom exhaust,
33" Simex Jungle Trekkers