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Toyota electrical plugs for trailers



The one u've found sounds like a US trailer wiring loom.
Its got four female connectors (plastic like) and one metal female (ground)
At least thats what it looks like on mine.
I couldn't find at the time a 4-7 converter and ran seperate wiring for UK
I have the wiring diagram for it somewhere but u'd need an elec gizmo to put
the right V down the appropiate 7 pins,
Lal in Colorado with 96 US 80
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Julian, this is interesting.
.... But whilst underneath I did notice a handy connector dangling from the
that goes across the chassis in front of the rear crossmember and towards
the LHS of the car.
So, is this the socket you are talking of ? Is this (plus mate on the other
side) put there by Toy for this purpose. I don't know if mine is the same
but it certainly does not have 7 connectors, maybe 3 at most. I assume that
you have found different circuits in the 2 separate sockets that supply all
required connections for a trailer socket - yes? I would love to put the
hook on but would like to connect the 'proper' way if there is one. On
behalf of everyone else - I thank you for your research !!