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Toyota Engine codes and models

Mick W

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Mar 2, 2020
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Afternoon all, my Collie is still in the shop after nearly 4 months and I'm at a loss with options. I have a 1KZ-TE (Eng No. 1KZ-0703066) and obtained a reconditioned unit (Eng No. 1KZ-0152708) which at first appeared ok. However, the dipstick aperture is on the left instead of the right so I found that the replacement engine may be out of a Hilux/Surf. Off this I got an oil-tube/stick for a 1KZ Hilux/Surf but then 1) does not fit into the hole and 2) if it did would clash with the fuel pump feeds and 3) the sump on the left side is very shallow to accommodate the front transmission drive box.

My question is is there a way of tracing an engine number and what vehicle it came from?


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Can't help with that Mick, but sorry to hear of your predicament, I wondered why you had gone quiet of late, probably busy pulling your hair out !
Hope you get sorted quickly with someone giving you info needed.
@Tractionman I missed the last meet at Fotheringhay as had no wheels and its only 15 miles away. Now the weather is picking up I want to plan stuff but can't, so frustrating. Anyway, looks as though the replacement is out of a 4Runner which still doesn't help really. Its horrible when you've got nothing to tinker with :angry-screaming:
Bloody hell, another one in the mix, and still no progress !
Looks like another engine on the cards then Mick ?

Sometimes finding something to fettle with a BFH, can be thereaputic, lol.
Cheers. Have got a 67 BSA winking at me from the garage but that needs some £££ spending as well :icon-rolleyes:
All these 1kz variations - If you had gone looking for a 4Runner engine, you wouldn't have found one.
The BSA looks tempting as and when job, but as you already know, any cash, might be required for the 90. It's a real b'stard mate. Good luck with it !
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1KZ was also used in the 70 and 120 series Prado (at least here for the 120) and the Coaster bus. I wouldn't be surprised if there were more applications outside of that too like forklifts etc.
Dyna pickup, Hiace, both used the KZ at some stage. Could be another source if there's any left that haven't gone to Africa