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Toyota Techstream on Linux?


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Apr 10, 2021
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Dear All,
My experiment with techstream 13 didn’t go well and ended up spoiling my laptop while trying to install Windows 10.

Now I found a friend who is Linux guy and he told he ll get it fixed but asked if tech stream runs on Linux, it’s even easy for him to fix and set it up for me.
Please advise

Does anyone run tech stream on Linux? Or is it ment to be used with only Windows 10- oracle Vbox and tech stream inside it?
It won't run on Linux, your best bet is to use a VM (oracle virtual box, VMware, whatever) on your Linux box.

As all our versions of techstream are dodgy hacked versions, even if you install it in a VM make sure it has limited access to your local network and the internet, as you have no idea what it's doing behind the scenes.
Thank you Karl. Yesterday night we installed VM and Techstream on friends Linux system and tried to make it work but had issues with Licence key so we failed at last step after connecting to the car.
He is going on a holiday so he took my old laptop with him to install windows 10 and fix all driver issues when free during holiday. Will try after he is back
@Raj You've said that installing windows 10 spoiled your laptop? Assume you mean you were unable to get it installed? You can download an ISO from Microsoft here:

When installing I’d suggest putting the most basic version on (I.e. home not pro) and as everyone has said before on a laptop you don’t want to use for anything else. Once windows is installed make sure that WiFi / network connectivity is disabled on the laptop. Like has been said before TechStream versions we all have are “dodgy” and you don’t know what is going on under the hood so you need to make sure the laptop is not on your home network.

I’ve managed to get Tech Stream working on a windows 7 and then a Windows 10 machine, it does take a bit of fettling but usually following the instructions from the seller of the dodgy version to the letter is required.

Perceive- At worse you just flatten the laptop completely and try again.
My MVCI is struck to the car. I drove back carefully without lifting my leg freely. Any suggestions please how to take it out. I didn’t want to use pressure and break things so left it there.
Not known it to get stuck before @Raj as the connector doesn’t have any clips or locking mechanism on it, it’s just a push fit. Try holding it at the sides and giving it a wiggle side to side whilst pulling it. Doubt you can do too much damage as the socket end is connected to the car, your connector being the plug. Might just have slightly oversized pins so is a bit stiff. Let us know how you get on.
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sure that WiFi / network
Thank you Dave. Yes after I installed I connected to internet and clicked on update windows. It went blank and stopped working after that.
My friend took it with him to Hyderabad, India. He told he ll upgrade its RAM to 8GB and get it back in perfect condition. Hyderabad is one big IT hub there anything can be fixed :) there and have easy access to all software and hardware workshops
Always good to have people in the know as friends - Hope you get it sorted soon.
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Try holding it at the sides and giving it a wiggle
Thanks Dave. I recently got an Ultraguage. I removed it easily by holding it from sides but this MVCI got stuck. I ll try with bit more confidence today.

The Pan temp and transmission data was not coming on Ultraguage so I started with Techstream project.
Dave Also thanks for the pendrive. The techstream on the pendrive worked when I tested on my home laptop but to avoid other risks, I deleted from it and ended up here with old laptop. Once the old laptop is fixed, I ll use that pendrive again
I had one of those cables get stuck once. When I finally got the thing off I hacksawed the locking bit off the (cable) plug it to make sure it didn't happen again!
I've got it now, and it still sticks, but not jams, haha.(Many thanks for your help Karl)
Dave's (DH) suggestion always works for me.
Hi All thank you for suggestions. I got the courage knowing nothing is going to break and managed to pull it out.
Waiting for my Laptop now. Will connect and check all data after my Laptop is ready.
Will there be a factory baseline reference values anywhere for me to check against?

I saw in ultraguage there are lots of values but don’t know if they are within reference ranges.
Thought it would be nice if v have easy reference ranges, definitions and symptom/diagnosis
Sorry to hear about the troubles you faced while trying to install Windows 10 for Techstream 13. But hey, good news! Your Linux-savvy friend might be able to help you out.
Techstream is primarily designed to run on Windows 10, but there are ways to make it work on Linux as well. One option is to use Oracle VirtualBox to create a virtual machine running Windows 10 on your Linux system. Then you can install Techstream inside the virtual machine.
By the way, speaking of Windows, did you know you can enhance your Windows 10 experience with some affordable Windows keys? Check out this thread on Reddit for great deals that can help you unlock the full potential of your operating system.
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Windows 10 experience with some affordable
Thank you. I got my laptop fixed and ready and I successfully installed techstream V13 without any problem. I didn’t use virtual windows. I am directly using laptop windows. I might need this window keys in future as currently OS is working good but doesn’t let me update. It might be some cracked version of windows.
The car was also automatically detected within seconds when connected but was not sure which option to select.
Looked on web and found some part number images but what does these option numbers mean?
Think the first 2 digits are the year and the second 2 the month; so -1008 is any model before Aug 2010.

1608-1708 is any model between aug 2016 and aug 2017


I think!
Wow. Thank you Karl. This makes sense. 200 was updated in 2012 and in 2016 so 1201 - 1508 code suits for 200s between 12-16