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Toys for sale - Renate



Renate wanted pictures of the Toys I mentioned that were for sale in the
city. So when we went to the supermarket yesterday I took the camera as we
were passing the yard.
This is a typical aid agency dispersal sale. The cars either side are for
sale too. The Toys have always been outside and never garaged, just
occasionally pressure washed with no waxing nor rubbed down with a leather
or cloth. Maybe it says a lot for the quality of the Toy paintwork I don't
Mechanically they have been looked after and well maintained, but not with
synthetics etc.
The 75 troopie is a 1995 with 268,000 km on the clock. Has been stood there
for a while hence the flat rear tyre.
Both 80's are 1996 with each showing 230,000km. They are not military spec
so have carpets etc. but no electric this and that.
The plates on 2 of them do not indicate they are road legal. They will
either have to be plated with a foreign plate to drive or be trailered
away. They were supplied by Toy Gib aid agency sales and will have worked
hard till about 2000 but since then they would have had an easier life
though still been on rough terrain.
As always its a sealed bid auction and not always is the deal awarded to
the highest bidder. There are some known traders who may bid but are avoided.
So look here....
That's it, can't say or do any more Renate, you have the phone number to
ring the man responsible for selling them.
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus in Bosnia - that looks very shiny now its been
washed and waxed at last !