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Trip to USA



(don't have u're email address so replying to group :)
Let us know when u're getting closer to your hols and I'm sure we can
arrange an 80's 4x4 outing for u. BA have direct flight Heathrow to Denver.
Colorado Springs doesn't (afaik) have any international flights and is a
smaller regional airport.
Not sure if u'll be able to rent a Landcruiser. I'd try the large dealers
Hertz etc. and likely to be a 100 if anything. Doubt if u'll ever see an 80
in a rental place. I've never seen one available. The other course u could
try is to talk to Toyota (and Lexus as well) in the UK and USA and say u're
real interested in buying a 100/LX470 but want to rent one to try it out.
They may be able to do some deal with a car dealer? The closest to getting
one would be (BIG) "maybe" via Christo but would have to leave it back to
Denver :) - u can only get a No.
Jeep's aren't too bad and may be worth u're while (in looking to wheel in
Moab and depending on what u're up to) to rent a car (cheaper) and then just
rent a Jeep in Moab (more likely there to find some other options as well)
for the days u are there. At least in Moab they know u're going to be going
off-road. Also will be able to drop-off car in Vegas.
Vegas is one of the 8th wonders of the world. Bizarre and worth one trip to
see it. America at its guadiest and best!
If u check online u'll find plenty of sites showing u the Moab trails (I may
even get my photos online :) so u can see reports etc. U can also try and
watch some 4x4 clubs and see if there is any outings to Moab. In that way u
can hop along with them on some of the trails. The rental co's will advise
what trails u are allowed to do and what one's u're not (based on potential
body damage and experience - also depends on how well outfitted (lift/ties)
the truck is)
What are u're "Grizzly Claws" like?
Hit me offline if u need more help.
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Brendan Lally wrote:
Cool, I've wheeled with SWAT myself a couple of times when they've had a
club day at Glentarkie and I've been on site - They're MAD! but great fun.
That's interesting - we're planning our holiday next year and we'll be
flying into Colorado (unsure Colorado Springs or Denver) and driving to
Las Vegas via Moab! I want to hire a 4x4 to do some of the trails around
Moab but it seems that all the rental companies have are J**ps - I'd
really like to hire a 'cruiser, but it'd have to be a reasonable size
rental company because I want to pick up in Colorado and drop off in
Vegas - any local info on rental companies that might hire me a 'cruiser?
Plenty mud here, wettest summer I can remember :o)
Look forward to reading them - I'm looking for as much info about Moab
as I can get.
Come back to Scotland and you won't be saying that......
Alan Thomson
Dunfermline, Scotland
1994 KZJ70