Troopy/ 78 tip over angle?


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I am in england
May 23, 2015
Swanmore, Southampton
Hello Aussie 78 experts
i know there are a bunch of variables here with respect to how you load the truck etc but am just after a rule of thumb.
do any of you know or know where I can find out the tip over angle for a troopy?
And even better how it is affected once a pop top is added, which I think adds about 40 kg to the original roof weight.

I am sure it gets scary before the limit is reached. I assume actual limit is about 40 degrees?
all help/info welcome.
many thanks


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I am in wales
Mar 28, 2011
Mid Wales
The UK 70's have an inclinometer on the top of the metal dash, it states to not exceed 30 degrees, having been on some fair inclines the unit didn't go anywhere near the max of 30 degrees.


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I am in czech_republic
Sep 14, 2018
As you mentioned above, so many variables to take into consideration here... tyre size, body lift, roof-rack installed? etc etc. Even the level your fuel tanks are at will make an impact.
Also as kind of alluded to above, its not really a metric that determines your tipping point, but the terrain you are traversing. One wheel goes down, another comes up... it all happens so fast.
Couldn't really give you an accurate tip over angle, especially with a pop-top installed, but suffice to say if you are eyeballing an inclinometer instead of analysing the terrain in front of you, there's gonna be tears :) However you're probably close to the mark with 35 degrees static lean on a perfectly flat surface in a stock vehicle at kerb weight.
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