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Trottle body/butterfly removal.


New Member
Nov 30, 2022
I removed the butterfly from the trottle body on my 1KZT diesel and there is an improvement in performance. There's more tourqe at lower revs and quicker acceleration. I the tubro is spolling up faster, which is giving more power at lower revs.
Very happy with the results Thanks Tony C for the tip.
Yes, a little engine shake on shut down. I'll live with it. No fault codes. I've blanked the erg and fitted a oil catch-a-can, it has kept the intercooler and trottle body clean.
There is a baffel in the intake manifold on 3 and 4. I wonder if it was removed would it improve performance?
I'm refitting the EGR to mine today, am also wondering whether to remove the butterfly valve and your question about baffles further down the intake has me wondering if i should have the inlet manifold off too, didn't really want to but wondering now.
In theory how would the butterfly valve effect emissions?

Further down the intake side on Diesel BMW's were swirl flaps in every port, they had a fairly rare habit of coming loose and being disastrously injested by the engine, hence many removed those flaps and everyone reckoned the cars were better for it.
TonyC told me on his d4d the shutdown was immediate as above, didn't mention any shake, maybe different on his d4d.
As Karl said any questions, TonyC is on the other forum
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