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Truckasaurus - an 80 series living in London

Very common sight on an 80 and probably a lot more of it when you have a good look. You seem to be missing the bracket that goes from the rear bumper wing to the chassis too.
that's attached to the rear mud guard bolts which are hanging free, so totally rusted off...

so seems like an opportunity to:
- weld in bracket
- weld in plate with thread for mud guard
Todays work:

Passenger door cards out to see what’s going on with window - no voltage to the plugs.

Shed now has a kick ass old school workbench my Dad would be jealous of. Workbench is for building with my son and so i can work on truck stuff somewhere sensible, that’s not the kitchen.


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Yea the bench is sweet.
Hopefully I’m going to build my rear boot on that!

@karl2000 checked fuses so think good there. Today i was going to check the plugs, then work back towards the master switch with the multi meter.

I was also getting no voltage to the door speaker when the radio was on…

Where is the relay?
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