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Turbo light on a 1KZ-T



morning guys
my vehicle has a '93 1kz-t engine, non-efi but it is a turbo. now my turbo
light keeps coming on, mostly when the turbo is not working around town (ie:
below 2500 rpm). since i do regular oil changes (5000km) and air filter
changes (15000km), and there are no leaks etc, i suspect some sort of
electric "sensor" that is on it's way out. any advice or opinions on this?
stay well,
jeremy "--" --
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hi Fred,
are you using any more oil? have any more smoke out the back? how is
the oil pressure?
i can't remember why the light comes on but guess it will either be
down to getting too hot or low oil pressure.
i'll check a manual to see what i can find.
julian voelcker
mobile: 07971 540362
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cirencester, united kingdom
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