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Tyre tread and pressures



Don't believe all you read ! You said it, they are good tyres.
But the grand Trek is a sub brand of Dunlop with variants.
As far as I am aware the Dunlop Grand Trek TG 35 M2 is the OEM tyre.
I have them fitted too, and they are sized 265/70R 16 112S.
After over three years I have had absolutely no problem with them, and
remember where I drive. Each week I am on asphalt highways, dry rock
tracks, loose gravel, soft soil and gravel ('hoggin' type) tracks, muddy
grass which is mostly pockets of peat in the mountain hollows, and I ford
rivers too. Its all in a day's work for these tyres, and whenever they wear
out I will be very upset if I can't source the same pattern out here - as
is the case at present. I change them round as recommended, just front to back.
Yes the old 4psi rule of thumb is best to judge the pressure to suit your
car and your driving style. But I do find that the fronts squeal on corners
in summer at 32-35psi. So nearer 40 psi is a lot quieter, and I reckon if
they squeal then they are soft and the outside edge is wearing. They wear
evenly across the tread at higher pressure. But this may just be due to the
climate we have here (sheer hell today, I write at 10.00 pm, its 18 degs,
close and sweaty, and the crickets are still chirruping.)
On the point of tread pattern vs conditions. When I went out with my Pajero
to Salisbury Plain with the Pajero club in April, I was worried that my
Avon TSE road biased tread pattern would let me down. But I went everywhere
the big boys got to, and also those with MT tyres of all makes. I never
held the convoy up and had no dramas - unlike others who gave some the
chance to use their towing skills, should we say. But I would modestly say
its down to driving style and experience and not pure tread pattern
characteristics. Maybe also applicable to the comments in the current 4WD
mag about the best 4X4 in UK. But we all know its a Toy really !
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus in Bosnia - still waiting to hear opinions about
suitability of Milners caliper repair kit for my 80 ?
Mine seem to be 116 pattern. I had the other variant on one wheel (the original spare!) but you can't get that any more. The later tread pattern is more "road" than "off-road".
But I don't do enough off-road stuff to be bothered much. In muddy conditions I find the truck goes forward all right, but it's lateral control (as in sliding sideways) that is the problem. Now, if I could take the centre-board out of my dinghy and fit it ...
My brother (a merchant banker) has a Porsche Cayenne - the fast one with twin turbos, etc. I've no idea what it's like off road, although it should be OK as it has diff locks, but it's quite some machine on it. I don't know how you would define "best" in this context, but it would certainly win the "most outrageous" category. 0 - 100mph in 10 seconds.
Another anecdote: a friend of a friend has a vintage Rolls (don't know how old, but the "RR" is red, which I think makes it pre 1921). Anyway he took it on a rally to Monte-Carlo & back, on which it went fine. But what failed to make the journey was the supporting Range-Rover ... whoops!
Also I don't know if you follow political tittle-tattle out there, but various people (eg Ken Livingstone + Lib Dems) are talking about banning 4x4s in towns, or at least charging more tax on them. That would go down well here ... not!!
Just some ideas to stir up debate now that the tyre pressure fox seems to have gone to ground (to adapt another topical and politically incorrect metaphor).
Christopher Bell
Devon, UK