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Ukraina girl says hello


New Member
Jan 25, 2023
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Hi, I'm from Ukraine and have fled the war there and now live more in Sweden. Today I have a toyota hilux as a utility car and I build on my adventure bug out car every day and it is a Toyota land cruiser 70 with portal axles 40 inch tires mm mm mm

Thanks! Yes, of course there will be more posts afterwards.
There will be both pictures and videos about how I, as an IT engineer, learn to weld and start building this car. I spend between 2-3 hours in the garage every day.

I may be building this car for a different reason than most other people who have their cars. I've been bugging out and left my home in a few minutes and realized I left everything behind in the war cards flowers tv sofa yes everything so now I want everything prepared in case something happens one more time I want a car to take me forward if I have to opt out of roads and go offroad, I want the car packed with most things...
The car will also have a trailer, but the most important thing is still in the car. We also have 2 cars in the family that must be ready to go for all situations at once, this is because 2 cars solve so many more problems than just one
The 2nd car is a well equipped Hilux which is also in good order.

I used to laugh about prepping but no longer experience says you have to be prepared for everything